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Stumbling through a Head that's not quite Kosher [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Jungle Gym Jamfest [Jan. 25th, 2007|06:16 pm]
you know, the Smashing Pumpkins is the perfect music to listen to when you're alone in the JCC jungle gym at night.

It was the most fun i've had by myself in a long time. I went running just as the sun was going down, the only way to do it in my opinion..changed..then just hung out by myself for about 45 minutes before my March of the living class started. I had the whole place to myself, swings and all (people KILLED for the swings in my day).

I did a lot of thinking..and then again, not so much. There's something very liberating about being on the swings, it's something so amazing- that you dont even HAVE to think. About anything. the only thing you have to worry about is spinning around on those weird monkey bar wheel hybrids that they had, sitting in the little tunnels, and of course, riding on the little trikeys.

I remember playing there when I was younger, and it brought me a sense of calm, nostalgia, and maybe even a little regret.

So, as I played there, it really was how childhood SHOULD be. no worries, no fears, no deep and pressing thoughts...just you and the jungle gym.

I couldn't ask for a better night.
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(no subject) [Jan. 21st, 2007|09:57 pm]
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Nothing Better to Do [Jan. 11th, 2007|08:37 pm]
[mood |confused and tired]

That's probably a lie, because I have a crapload of work. But what's a little venting gonna do? (even tho its notunderstandable unless u speak sarah)

so anyway...school, as usual, is eating my face off- and its only been 4 days, imagine that!? And I feel even more disconnected w/ the amigos lately, it's really weird and kind of getting me down. Oh crap, pizza guy. Who ordered pizza? Hm. K so back to this. Anddd...yea, i have an issue. But there's no point in going crazy over it.

wow, i love cryptic writing and ambiguity. But i just dont feel like racking up evidence against myself. Nobody keeps info to themself these days..what can I say? peace easy.
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Already bored. This might be a bad sign [Dec. 25th, 2006|04:33 pm]
Monday's usually suck, so that's nothing new. But today has been particularly uneventful. I am currently banished to the computer while my brother, dad, and sister bond over american chopper. how cute.

I find it strange how people overcompensate for lost time. Yes, its natural-human nature i suppose to make up for stuff. But it still amuses me.

let's see what i can do to amuse myself...

happy holidays
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ugh [Dec. 12th, 2006|05:43 pm]
im so confuseddddd.

and why is he so dumb?
and better yet, why is IB such a rip?
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MonoCycle Tours: Take one [Jul. 28th, 2006|09:51 am]
For the Record: First official injury is..to the back! Sweet. But that's not the 'story' im here for. Thats just for fun.

But anyway, the story. Well, it's not REALLY a story- but we'll pretend it is one.
So, yesterday I went to the chiropractor for my back. Actually now that I think about it- its like two stories. boy aren't you lucky?
so back to Dr. Fred, yes that's the chiropractors name. Weird huh? I thought he was a hippy when i heard his name, but who knows. Im still thinking about that one.
So, my lower back thing has been hurting, like mucho. And my Dad thinks it might be my sciatic nerve or something. So I went to Fred yesterday (its dad's dr. not my chiropractor) and I had do to all of these little 'test' thingies-hold up my arms,ssee if my legs were straight, very high-level high energy stuff. I felt kinda like he was in the circus once before just b/c of all the energy he had. But I was too scared to ask him. Unfort. My back still hurts like a mother, BUT my legs are even now! When i went to MY chiro. my leg was like 1/4 or more shorter than the other~!! craziness!

So thats story number one. Now, you may want a box of kleenex next to you for this one, it's very heart-wrenching. Its about harvey, of course. Oh, the other night dad and tori hopped on my bandwagon of glorious name-making-for-inanimate objects, and dad decided his name should be mike. Why mike? Because Bicycle has 2 wheels (bi) and Monocycle has one wheel (mono). Ok, so youre probably still asking "why mike?" Well, i dont know how u go from mono to mi-but it made sense at the time. But I told him no dad his name's harvey- i cant UNname him, that would be mean and scarring for him. So he's like ok, how about mike harvey? or Harvey Mike? and im like still, no that doesn't sound g oood!! So, apparently Mike is either his first name, middle name, or last name; or he doesnt have a last name. Im letting him decide.
What do you think, Mike harvey, harvey mike? Either way im gonna paint his name on the seat in red. (or mayb lime green- i want the spokes lime green/red) First i ahve to come up w/ a little stencil of it. And get spray paint. :Its gonna rock.

Ok, next h-m related story: Or did i just get so off track w/ that name business and THIS IS the actual 'first story'. hmm..
Hes still on 'crutches' b/c of those dirty chinese manufactuers and their rice pudding!! Yesterday we went to wall mart to go get a new pump w/ an attachment for the inner tube. And in the back of my mind i kjnew it wouldnt work so i looked at the inner tubes themselves. And guess what? would u like a 16,18,24,26,27 inch tube? Why yes, maybe for th at lovely tonka bicycle on display there, but not for harvey!!! NO 22 INCH TUBES. ANYWHERE. kmart or walmart. or sports authority. Im very distraught about this, as you can tell.
but the good news is i got a helmet! Well, dad got me a helmet-very surprising. It's red and shiney, and in the store it had the snow white effect on little children. That sounds mildly disturbing, but it's not. Its shineyness attracted their bulging eyes to its shiney shiney red surface, like that pesky pesticide-injected apple that dwarf-lover just HAD to eat. I found it very entertaining to watch t heir eyes fix on it and then i'd wave it around slightly so it would catch the li ght. Does that make me evil? no. I was just trying to give them some happiness. And u know what was ironic? this ONE spanish kid WAS eating an apple when his eyes just happened to stumble upon my helmet. Geez, what luck.

So yea- i have the helmet, the hard hat, the name, the seat fixed finally, BUT NO HARVEYNESS! Thats the end of my story. WE're selling shirts in the lobby. Good night.
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UPDATE to last entry [Jul. 19th, 2006|09:47 am]

I met a man on the edge of the the sun, where time stood still.
Blankets of warm haze kindled sounds of flight.
I wanted nothing but that sound, to hold it safetly in my grasp.
He told me, "Son take it slow
This paradise is spun from spools of ourselves."
Heavy in thought and humble in fault.

So we dripped sugar
into the iris of our footing, and waited for result.
My spirit found its form in fire,
purged at the center of my dream.
And guiding shadows along its path,
My dance ignited sparks
that sprung past myself, and into your light.

I am your blink and your grasp.
I cling- and you are lit.
But hands of inheritence could no longer keep.
A Salty mist soothes restless chatter, and I am beckoned to its strength.
Soon I will wade into the murky night sea.
But his earth prevailed over my submissive water,
and I grew sick of its recklessness
and how it opened up to you.

The lustrous eye gazed, still, with unwavering certainty...
and the smell of sugar implored me to stay.
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Work in progress [Jul. 18th, 2006|11:12 am]
only one stanza, or excuse for a stanza, but i havent done this in a while

It's in response, if that's what you want to call it, to a picture- a writing excercise.

You sit in awe, staring at the folds of your hand
as they wrap around what you know is yours.
watch-proclaim your loyalty.
Admire-and admit your faults.
You're doing exactly what it wants.
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those couches sure are comfortable [Jun. 8th, 2006|11:54 am]
[mood |frustratedfrustrated]
[tunes |the hush sound]

ok, so the more i think about it..i think art therapy is what i want to do. Most of you probably dont know what im talking about, but thats ok- i wont hold it against you :)

Never in my life have i considered becoming a shrink, because lets face it..i need one more than i am one (even tho most psychologists are whacked out to some degree). however, this is something i CAN see myself doing..and i wish i could start some kind of program NOW..to get involved..

i feel like a hypocrite. i care about things..but im not proactive. meh
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drowning in the pages of my sketchbook [Oct. 16th, 2005|07:27 am]
im really bored right now..and its really lonely in my house w/o my mom. But i've taken some time for art today, nothing that great..just kind of touching up some pages. My painting is kind of bothering me now though, im kind of stuck. Mostly because i dont feel like sitting down and painting like i SHOULD do. And i definetly dont wanna go study history and bio and all that crap. Im so tired of school..as is everyone else im sure. And my mom keeps telling me that im gonna have to transfer..so now i STILL have to worry about that..

AHHH watever i dont want to complain..there are ppl much worse off than i am..im just gonna try not to worrya bout it. im gonna go drink my iced coffee ;)( i make it SOOO much better than starbucks, they got nothing on me!)
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